BluePort Jazz and Hyperion in Lossless FLAC

By Jason Victor Serinus

BluePort Jazz and Hyperion in Lossless FLAC By Jason Victor Serinus
March 14, 2010 — BluePort Jazz’s catalog of 15 titles, recorded in jazz clubs and studios by Jim Merod, is now downloadable in lossless FLAC format from the House of Linn website. Merod—a PhD professor, an author of numerous books, a music critic for Enjoy the, and an equipment reviewer for Positive Feedback Online—is known for recording with as few microphones as possible and mixing everything live to two tracks in high-resolution (24-bit/96kHz) PCM format.

BluePort artists include Jaime Valle (Latin jazz), Noel Jewkes Quartet, Gene Bertoncini (guitar), Joe Wilder–Marshall Royal Quintet, Dale Fielder Quartet, Carl Saunders Sextet, Chris Colangelo, Nancy Marano, Joe Diorio Trio, Buster Williams Trio, Jackie Ryan, John Hicks Trio, Allen Smith Quartet, and Steve Situm. Although some of these artists are relatively unknown to the uninitiated, listening to the lamentably brief MP3 samples on Merod’s BluePort Jazz website suggests that there’s gold for the taking here.

“These are the artists who had a need,” Merod told me by cellphone as he trudged across the Soka University campus in Orange County, CA to teach a class. “My feeling has always been that if I’m going to have a record label, I’d like to support artists who could use the help. The subtext is, major record labels have supported some of the major names for years because of the profits involved. I want to support very, very great jazz musicians who often have not gotten a break.”

Merod proceeded to tell me about a few of his artists. “Allen Smith was the first major unknown trumpet player I brought out on the BluePort label. He was Ella Fitzgerald’s favorite trumpeter, and she used him whenever she was on the West Coast. On the tenor and soprano sax, I regard Noel Jewkes at the level of the famous Joe Lovano; Noel Jewkes is a master. He’s not a youngster, but he plays as if he is Duke Ellington and all the greats rolled into one. And eight years ago, BluePort put out the first recording of the now famous singer Jackie Ryan, whose newest albums all go up to number one on the Billboard chart.”

BluePort’s next album will showcase Grammy-nominated pianist, Geoffrey Keezer, with the great Peter Sprague on guitar. “They came to me because they have a new band, and wanted me to record a live performance,” Merod enthused about what promises to be a killer recording.

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